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As a leader in Atlanta locksmith services, Lock and Tech USA have been assisting customers with their security needs in the Atlanta area for many years. As part of our dedication to providing efficient and reliable locksmith services we wanted to share the following list of simple yet important tips we advise you to follow when you require locksmith service. Most of us at one point or another will get locked out of our car or home and need immediate assistance. Following the tips we provide below can ensure you receive quick and reliable service and help you avoid unnecessary stress in an already stressful situation.


1. Make sure you only use certified locksmith technicians. This will ensure you are receiving service from professional individuals who not only have the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide you with great service but have been screened and registered with the local authorities.


2. Make sure your service provider is bonded and insured. This is a safety measure that ensures that in the case of anything going wrong with the service you will receive compensation and are fully protected from such mishaps just in case they happen.


3. Keep a contact phone number of a locksmith you trust programmed into your phone – You never know when you will be stuck in situation that will require emergency locksmith services. Program our contact phone number (770) 425-6625 into your phone now to ensure that you can contact our certified locksmith technicians at any time you may need service.


4. Know your exact location – when calling for service it is important to provide our customer service representatives your exact location to ensure that our mobile service unit arrives at your exact location as quickly as possible. If you are stuck outside of your car and are not sure of your exact address try asking people passing by or visit any business that is located in the area to inquire the exact address. Most of todays mobile phones also offer map and location applications that can assist you in finding out your exact location in a few quick seconds.


5. Provide as much information as possible to your service provider before they arrive at your location. For example if you are locked out of your car be prepared to provide us with the exact car make, model and color. If you are locked out of your home or require a lock change try and provide us with information regarding the type of lock and door you have. This will help us make sure we arrive at your location with the right tools and hardware required to take care of your issue in the best manner possible.


As always with invite you to contact us at (770) 425-6625 with any questions or service requests. We are available 24 hours a day and look forward to hearing from you !


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