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Atlanta Locksmith tips – Keyless Entry Systems

As a 24 hr locksmith service provider in Atlanta we come across many customers looking to upgrade the security of their home and property. Many time when our security consultants offer customers the options to install keyless entry system in their homes they either think it’s too expensive to install or too complicated to operate. While keyless entry systems are usually more expensive than traditional locks they are a viable option for residential locksmith clients as they offer both simplicity and advanced security. Many of us have seen and used keyless entry systems in commercial settings such as office spaces and stores and with advancement in technology and the popularity of smartphones it is quickly becoming popular in residential settings in Atlanta.

As their name suggest these type of security systems usually operate using either a remote control, a proximity sensor or a smartphone. One of the great benefits of having a keyless entry system installed in your home is that it could be easily integrated into any type of home automation system you have already have installed or are looking to obtain.

Keyless entry systems that employ a remote control to open or lock a door are still the most common option. Similar to the way an vehicle owner will use a remote control to open their car doors, they type of systems offer customers the ability to obtain access to their home by simply clicking the button on their remote control. The downside of this options is that sometimes you may forget to replace the remote control battery and the battery inside your remote control runs out while you are outside your door looking to get back in you may need to call your local emergency locksmith to assist you in gaining back access to your home.

A proximity sensor is also a popular option and is considered a more advanced option that customers tend to prefer. Once again the way a proximity sensor based keyless entry system works is similar to high security auto locks which can be found on auto brands such as Lexus, Audi and Chevrolet, just to name a few. These type of systems only require a person to be in close proximity to the lock in order for the lock to pop open and for the person to gain access to their property.

The option of integrating a smartphone has become widely popular in recent years due to the dramatic increase in smartphone usage worldwide. Many companies offer customers apps that install on their phone and can open or close a door by simply by utilizing the app on their phones. This option also allows users to share access to their homes with family members and loved ones as well as keep track of who came in and out of a property 24 hours a day. While these features are exciting to customers it is important to keep in mind that you may not be able to gain access to your home if you forget your phone somewhere or if your phone simply runs out of battery (which is a common problem smartphone users experience.

When trying to decide on which system to use it is important to ask yourself the following questions

1. Who and how many people will be using the system on a regular basis ?

2. What are the additional features that you want your system to offer?

3. Do you need to give others temporary access to your home ?

Make sure to hire a certified locksmith to install your system to ensure you are having a security professional handle the security of your home. Lock and Tech USA provides complete locksmith services in Atlanta, 24 hours a day. Call us at (770) 425-6625 for immediate service in your area.


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