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As one of the areas top locksmith and security companies, We’ve been able to assist many customers in the Atlanta area with their locksmith and security needs. While local crime has been a major problem in the Atlanta area since the mid 20th century, it has been declining rapidly since the late 1990’s. Between 2000 and 2010 the crime rate in Atlanta has dropped by over 40% according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Overall violent crime was down over 50 percent during that time period and generally speaking public safety is at much better rates than it used to be. That being said it is always important to ensure the safety and security of  your home, business and vehicles, regardless of your exact location.

 As our lifestyles become busier and busier some of us seem to overlook a few simple tips that can greatly assist you in staying safe and secured and keeping your property and home safe. Following these three simple tips can help keep you and your loved ones safe, wherever you are in Atlanta.

1. Ensure the functionality of your locks:

Whether you are a tenant renting an apartment or a homeowner, it is extremely important to ensure that your front door locks are properly maintained. If you have recently moved into a new home make sure that your locks are either re-keyed or replaced altogether. This will ensure that former tenants will no longer have access to the premises and only people who you gave copies of your keys to can access your home. We provide affordable rekey and lock change solutions and can help you in deciding which if these services are right for you.

 2. Install a deadbolt lock on your door:

Deadbolt locks offer an additional level of security and is usually applied in apartment settings. Deadbolts come in various security levels and models and can further ensure the safety of your home and loved ones. Generally speaking there are two main deadbolt models available in the market today. You can install either a single cylinder deadbolt lock that usually uses a keyed entry on the outside of the door, or a double cylinder deadbolt which will require a key to bypass it from either sides of the door.

 3. Avoid posting notices regarding your whereabouts on social media sites:

Since the recent explosion of social networking websites many people post notices regarding their whereabouts to share with their friends and followers online. What most of us don’t bother realizing is that burglars have access to this information and can use it to schedule a break in at your home while you are not there. Furthermore many online users like to post notices about their vacation plans or other longer periods of time when they won’t be at their homes which leaves them greatly exposed to burglars and other criminals that take advantage of these advertised time frames and attempt to break into their homes while they are away.

Following these simple tips can ensure your safety and security! Contact us at (770) 425-6625 with any locksmith and security issues you may be facing and we’ll be glad to assist you. We are available 24 hours a day and look forward to hearing from you. Keep it safe!



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